Away from reducing CO2 emissions to reducing global warming: a change in perspective leads to the development of an innovative solution for the problem: an air conditioning for our planet…read about our approach…

Experience our unique and exceptional invented ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® concept where your food and beverages glide through a spectacular track network. Check out our locations all around the globe (e.g. Europa-Park; FoodLoop, Alton Towers; UK, Vienna, Austria & many more) and make your visit one you shall never forget!

Kartinger® KartCoaster®

Overcome the challenge and race your E-Kart through loops.


Have it your way!! Create your own burger at your table and enjoy the world`s first “do it yourself” burger concept.


Take a ride with your own car. Ferris wheels, cable cars or even rollercoasters. A completely new dimension of rides and theme-parks.

Check out our crazy and exceptional gifts:

“The actual problem is to find a problem that the world has been waiting for to be solved. Once the problem has been discovered and precisely defined, the solution is obvious.“

Michael Mack


HeineMack GmbH

“If an idea does not sound absurd to start with then there is no hope for it.“

Albert Einstein

(1879-1955), dt.

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