Admittedly, at first glance the idea of a planetary air conditioning system sounds absurd and crazy. Our approach however is as simple as it is new:

If warm air is trapped near the ground by increasing greenhouse gases and can no longer rise and cool on its own, thus warming the Earth more and more, then let's just help the warm air to rise enough to cool down. With the idea of a planetary air conditioning system in general and the development of warm air extraction systems in particular, a completely new approach to solving the problem might be the game changer: For the first time, the most urgent problem of mankind - global warming - is directly addressed or even maybe solved. All previous concepts so far focus on getting a grip on our climate catastrophe indirectly, by reducing greenhouse gases. For this to succeed however in time, a change in the behaviour of billions of people would and will be necessary, among other things.

I have intensively thought about our idea and possible solutions for a long time. Eventually, I have come to the conclusion that our approach is currently probably the only solution that offers a real chance of getting global warming under control, at least to some extent and within the near future. So far, every tall building in the world has one or several elevators – so why should it be a problem to additionally install a warm air extraction system besides/in or even on top of every tall building in the future, if this can stop the climate disaster?

In the end, this might result in a reasonably manageable, additional investment for every tall building, which could even become legitimate obligation. So averting the climate disaster with this idea would merely involve "spending money", which is abundantly available all over the world and desperately seeking investment opportunities. The costs and effects resulting from the impending climate catastrophe, on the other hand however, are incalculable and of disastrous proportions.

The installation of warm-air extraction systems assembled above busy roads would not only extract the heat but also smog and fine dust. This help to solve another pressing problem in city centers.

Relying on states and people to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the point where this may slow down global warming is, in my opinion, an illusion. At the very least, this will not succeed in a time frame possible to keep our common planet liveable for our children and descendants.

HeineMack GmbH is a small company. We are unfortunately not in a position (or anywhere near) to raise the funds required for an investment for the development, planning and construction of a first prototype “Planetary Air Conditioning” (PAC), which is why we are now going public with our idea.

In the meantime, quite a few ideas have evolved on how a PAC may be implemented. These ideas currently are in the application process of being patented. However, the truth is that as of today we are not a hundred percent certain on whether the idea of a Planetary Air Conditioning system will actually really work as we hope for and whether it can be realised in such a way that the warming of the Earth would be slowed down. In order to take this idea to the next step, relatively high investments in research, calculations, planning, development and construction of a first prototype will be necessary. If you do not have the money to invest in our idea, but would still like to actively support us, we would be delighted to welcome you and/or your company on board and we would evaluate possibilities together (pro bono).

If you are an engineer, designer, structural engineer or simply someone with experience in animations, marketing or with the qualification to perform necessary calculations for the realisation of our Planetary Air Conditioning system and you also feel that making our planet liveable for our children is a worthy goal, your support would be most welcome (pro bono). Please let us know what you think you would be able to contribute to achieve this common goal: .

By the way: Currently we are in process of founding a non-profit limited company in order to try and raise donations to finance the further development and a possible first prototype project. By mid/end March 2022 the latest, it will be possible for you to help us with your donation to make the idea of a Planetary Air Conditioning become reality and, if successful, to stop global warming to some extent or even fully.

If you are interested in supporting our project by making a donation, please follow us on Instagram and/or FacebookWe shall publicize as soon as the non-profit limited liability company has been founded and naturally, we may send you a donation receipt in return for your monetary support.

I very much look forward working together with you resp. your support. Together, I think we have the chance to make this world a better place to live in and especially give our children and descendants the prospect they deserve!

Michael Mack


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